It’s not a competition

Competition Monday Mantra-01

When we focus on abundance we remind ourselves that there’s no need for competition, because there’s more than enough to go around. When we focus on competing with others we get caught up in a cycle of fear and scarcity. We convince ourselves that resources are limited. We’re less likely to lend a helping hand or have compassion for others. We feel tense, worried that someone is going to take what’s “ours”.

Our ego takes over and we become self-centered. We develop a sense of entitlement. When we’re in a perpetual state of competition we start to think of ourselves as better than others. Or maybe depending on the circumstance, we start to think of ourselves as less than others.

Competition makes us¬†forget that in fact, we’re all in this together. Trying the best that we can. We all deserve good things. And there are enough good things to go around. We all go farther when we lift each other up, instead of trying to tear each other down. Whether it’s in yoga class, at work or with your friends, competition tears us apart, instead of bringing us together.

The next time you find yourself in that competitive mindset, remember: You have enough. You are enough. There is enough. For you and everyone else. It’s not a competition.

Weekend Warrior: Humble Warrior

On weekends I share a yoga pose related to the monthly theme. Keeping with the July theme of gratitude, this pose focuses on heart opening.

Humble Warrior (Baddha Virabhadrasana) stretches the chest, lungs and shoulders while strengthening the core and lower body. This pose can be very grounding if you focus awareness on the firm foundation of both feet planted on your yoga mat.

Start standing in Mountain Pose and step one foot back about 3 feet (1 meter). Turn the back foot to approximately a 45 degree angle keeping the hips square to the front of the mat. Bend your front knee and stack it directly above the ankle. Keep your back leg straight and both heels on the ground.

Interlace your hands behind the small of your back and roll your shoulder blades together. Simultaneously lift your collarbone and heart center towards the ceiling as you look up. On an exhale, keep your core engaged as you hinge at your hips lifting your arms up towards the ceiling and leaning forward.

Keep both arms active and engaged. You can unclasp the hands if it causes pain or discomfort, but the arms should continue to reach up and back. Continue to roll the shoulder blades together and stretch through the heart center. Keep both feet firmly planted on the yoga mat. Breathe in and out of the nose. Hold for 5-10 breaths and repeat on the opposite side.