Meet Stefanie Monge, RYT

Stefanie Monge Headshot

Storyteller. Dreamer. International Yoga & Meditation Teacher. Coach. Human.

Stefanie found her calling in South Asia while studying yoga and meditation on a nearly 2-year journey traveling around the world. Trained in Nepal and India, she’s taught in Australia, India, England, Mexico and the U.S. A former business journalist and marketing director, Stefanie is all too familiar with the toll a high stress lifestyle takes on the body and mind.

Stefanie works with clients to enhance overall well being while motivating them to set and achieve goals in line with their innate talents and true purpose – all with a focus on mindfulness. She leads on-site yoga and meditation sessions, and also facilitates team building, goal setting and creative visualization workshops and retreats. Currently based in Omaha, Neb., Stefanie works with clients around the globe in person and online.

In addition to teaching yoga and meditation, Stefanie is a writer, speaker and founder of Welcor Enterprise Yoga. She’s been featured by Live Well Nebraska, YOGAudacious, COOP Lifestyle Magazine, Tom Becka Podcast and more. Influenced by her time living abroad, Stefanie blends East and West to frame wellness in a real life, practical context that’s accessible for people of all shapes, backgrounds, levels and abilities.

Stefanie consults with other yoga teachers and wellness professionals helping them to refine their marketing and business strategy, plan workshops/retreats and set+achieve goals.

In 2016 Stefanie founded and produced the first-ever ThinkStartDo women’s entrepreneurship conference where she was joined by almost 100 female entrepreneurs and allies from around the world for two days of learning, inspiration and collaboration. Contact for more information about coaching, consulting, retreats or workshops.

Find more tips and inspiration through Facebook, Twitter or Stefanie’s Newsletter.

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